It Was a "Sell Every Rally" Type of Day

What does Thursday have in store?

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This will only be for paid subs. Correctly guess where the ES will settle at the end of the year and I'll comp you the newsletter for the year. Next Monday I'll have an email you can send your guestimates to.

A two-day respite for the S&P ended with a down 1.43% day. This is what happens when people become complacent and lose focus.

While there is a big laundry list of problems, the elephant in the room is Israel and its Gaza offensive. I understand the carnage, but why was Biden in Israel saying the US has their back and then start pushing to slow it down?

The answer is easy...the world is screaming don't do it that too many people will die. I don't think the Israelis give a shit what anyone says, they will make up their own minds no matter what the US says.

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