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Level up your trading by getting Danny Riley's personal game plan for each trading session and a full look at all of our technical levels and chart setups.


What People Are Saying

“Being in the trading industry for 20 years, I would HIGHLY recommend Mr. Top Step and the forum they provide. From the daily preparation to the Opening Print & decades of knowledge, they are one of kind. The customer friendly service is top notch.

Danny (aka. Mr. Top Step) truly knows how the futures markets work, aside from charts…..all the experience on the floor & running the largest S&P Futures desk has really helped my trading, as he shares all his knowledge.  I can’t say enough about these guys. If you’re looking to become a more rounded trader, these are the guys to do it with.”

BryanI would HIGHLY recommend Mr. Top Step

“I can categorically say as someone who has been a trader for over 40 years too, that if you are not reading Danny's morning comments then you are trading with one hand tied behind your back. Get it. Now.”

JosephI can categorically say...

“I thought I knew the market pretty well (and I do!) But Danny's take on 'market flow' has given me a different perspective that I can combine with my own trading. Combined with the technical setups in the Opening Print and my own analysis work, I have solid footing going into each session. Plus it feels like I have someone in my corner who really know what's going on -- Danny's seen it all." ”

BrianThe Opening Print and My Own Analysis Put Me on Solid Footing