Let's See if the S&P Can Bounce Today

Risk persists.

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There was a brief discussion in the MrTopStep chat about the pressure/anxiety people are feeling. At least in my life, I can clearly say we have never faced more problems than we have today.

Do I worry? Yes.

Do I get anxious? Yes.

I think part of this goes back to my trips between the US and the UAE and how advanced the US was and how far behind Dubai was — even after it began modernizing the country. The United States has been the envy of the world and the global sheriff, but now everything is so polarized.

Even back then, I was told not to go to certain areas in the UAE…but I went anyway. Only in a few of the smaller emeritus did I get the long looks, you could feel the vibe was totally different — like dangerous.

I could not speak Farsi, but I did understand some words. I guess it's fair to say the US/Middle East relations have always been difficult, but Iran is at the epicenter. Recently, a headline hit saying, “Palestinian data provider says the internet is cut off; Israeli army forces ‘expanding their activity’ in Gaza.”

I guess it won't be long until we see if other actors are going to join the fight. Most of you know I have been warning about the possibility of WWIII and at the current trajectory, the odds have improved. In conclusion, there have been times when Americans were welcomed guests in the Middle East, but that time has come and gone.

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